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Would you like to play?
HINT: In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month…EVERYTHING you find will include the color PINK…so, THINK PINK!
Here are the rules:
There are 5 items to find in my new on-line boutique…correctly identify them…make sure you have “LIKED” my fan page…and “SHARE” this post on your page…that’s it. All correct answers will be put in a big PINK BOWL and one winner drawn this Sunday at noon (my time, EST.) The winner will receive this ADORABLE little PINK ENAMELED BEAUTY BOX for keeping all of your doo-dads. None of the accessories you see in the picture are included…you supply those yourself. We will even pay for the postage within the continental USA. This is a $35 value from my new boutique: Millie LaRue & Company. Are you ready? Here are the 5 scavenger clues to find the items in the boutique. ready….set….go!
(Look at the hairy eyeball that I’m giving Mummy in this picture…she had just told me to “HOLD IT” and I was looking at her like, “I KNOW what to do…you don’t have to tell me that!” hee hee)
When you have your answers…please send them to me in my FACEBOOK mailbox on my Fan Page!!!
1. When I travel with my Mummy, she carries my water in this STYLISH dispenser. I guess you can imagine the ooohhhs and ahhhhs that we get!
2. Mummy LOVES a certain little French pastry…and now she carries a cute little lunch tote to work with her showing everyone how much she loves them. Can you find the ONE that is her very favorite?
3. Mummy calls me her “baby” and these special dishes are PERFECT for ANY little baby…don’t you think?
4. Some people get SAD when it rains..but NOT ME! When I wear this little coat I am TRES JOLIE!
5. My own closet is overflowing with the most beautiful clothes EVER…but I MUST sell a few to make room for new items. This little harness reminds me of the time I spent in Paris!

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Jill Stroh
Jill Stroh
6 years ago

Oh Millie, I am three and a half years too late! This would have been a fun scavenger hunt. Maybe next time I will have Bonne chance!

Dolarosa Power
Dolarosa Power
5 years ago

I almost participated. I didn’t notice it was an older posting.

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