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“Millie LaRue and Mummy: Cooking with Friends”

“Following Millie’s recent attack by a neighbor’s dog, we have been overwhelmed with thousands of prayers and messages wishing Millie a speedy recovery. We will never in our lifetime be able to thank each of you enough or tell you how much each of you has meant to us…so until we just cannot make any more, we would like to include at no extra charge, a rustic linen tea towel with an appliqued heart (made by me and Millie) to show our LOVE for all of you…and the LOVE we ALL HAVE for our little fur babies!!!! They are so much a part of our families and when something happens to them…our family is just devastated. So when you place an order for our cookbook, part of each sale will go to a rescue group…and we want to give something back to YOU as well.”

kiss kiss from the entire Mitchell family

Millie LaRue is now cooking for a cause! This unique charity cookbook brings together over 350 recipes for people and their pets. There are 7 chapters devoted to recipes for PEOPLE and 1 chapter dedicated to DOGGIE FARE. Millie LaRue’s friends from every corner of the world sent in their favorite recipes, many of them SECRET FAMILY RECIPES…now you can experience these dishes without ever leaving home. A portion of the profits from this cookbook will be donated to animal rescue and shelter organizations that Millie has become involved with through her many travels. The book is now available for immediate shipment and makes the perfect gift for anyone.

So buy the book…discover new flavors…and support doggie rescue organizations!!!