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April 12, 2020 . We are having a very quiet Easter morning here at our house this year, but that’s OK… because we are safe and well and we are all together. Mummy won’t be preparing her usual huge Easter dinner this year but she said THAT’S OK TOO because we need to eat a little less anyway! If we…

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August 1, 2019 . Yesterday was the day we had been waiting for since we packed up THE YORKIE EXPRESS a month ago… we were going to LOBSTER FEST in Rockland, Maine. First… we headed over to Bangor to see a few things that Mummy had on her “TO DO” list. As we drove into the city it didn’t take…

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Seeing PLYMOUTH… Where it ALL BEGAN!

July 18, 2019 . We made a day trip into Plymouth, Massachusetts yesterday and learned soooo much about the early beginnings of AMERICA and also found a few NEW PLACES that needed to be explored. If you will follow along with the numbered pictures I will tell you a little about each one of them. Are you ready for a…

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I’m Seeing STRIPES!!!

If you are ever in Paris and happen to be near the “Palais Royale” they have this really cool courtyard set up like a distorted checkerboard set, where kids are hopping all over these black and white striped columns of varying heights. What is this all about??? Well it is actually called “Les Deux Plateaux” which means TWO TRAYS… but…

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