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The Yorkies!!!

My FIRST Scavenger Hunt!

I am having my FIRST SCAVENGER HUNT! Would you like to play? HINT: In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month…EVERYTHING you find will include the color PINK…so, THINK PINK! . Here are the rules: There are 5 items to find in my new on-line boutique…correctly identify them…make sure you have “LIKED” my fan page…and “SHARE” this post on your page…that’s…

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Cooking with friends


Millie LaRue is now cooking for a cause! This unique charity cookbook brings together over 350 recipes for people and their pets. There are 7 chapters devoted to recipes for PEOPLE and 1 chapter dedicated to DOGGIE FARE. Millie LaRue’s friends from every corner of the world sent in their favorite recipes, many of them SECRET FAMILY RECIPES…now you can…

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yorkie craft day pm

We wanted to pick some flowers for Mummy, but there aren’t any good ones in the yard right now…so I told Tulip and Addie Mae that it would be EASY-BREEZY to just MAKE OUR OWN! It’s hard to hold their attention though…Tulip keeps pulling the flowers from the vase and running off and Addie Mae thinks we need to put…

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