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Articles by Millie

Are You CooCoo for Coconuts?

Our owners are always trying to provide the BEST CARE for us… so when they hear about something that might be good for us, they naturally want to know more about it!  Coconut oil is one of those things that people in the doggie industry are jumping on and trying to add into their products… either by coconut oil alone,…

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What’s That Slime???

We ALL have perfect doggie parents and they ALWAYS make sure we are cared for with TOPNOTCH care… or do they???  Have your parents ever been rushed to get out the door for an appointment or to get to work and they noticed the water bowl was running a bit low… so they just poured a bit in to just…

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Traveling With Your Doggie (Part 2)

baggage millie pm

by Millie LaRue      OK!  Everyone is on-board and it has been decided that little “Fido or Fidette” will be going along on the vacation…now what?  Well, for me, the FIRST thing to do is get out my suitcase (yes, I travel with my very own full-size suitcase) and start laying everything out that I think I will need for…

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Traveling With Your Doggie…Part I

medical kit for dogs

by Millie LaRue      So you want to take your little doggie along with you on vacation?  Do you now?  Really? Before “hitting the road” or flying the “friendly skies” you need to know that taking your doggie on vacation is THE SAME THING AS TAKING ALONG A SMALL CHILD!!!!  A doggie will need your CONSTANT care and attention.  They can’t…

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Cooking with friends


Millie LaRue is now cooking for a cause! This unique charity cookbook brings together over 350 recipes for people and their pets. There are 7 chapters devoted to recipes for PEOPLE and 1 chapter dedicated to DOGGIE FARE. Millie LaRue’s friends from every corner of the world sent in their favorite recipes, many of them SECRET FAMILY RECIPES…now you can…

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Are You SicK? Perhaps I Can Help!

nurse millie pm

HEALTH WEEK FOR PUPS   We’ve had a lot of little doggie friends lately who seem to have been “under the weather” for a variety of reasons…illness, allergies, eating things they should not have, etc…. So this week Mummy and I decided to do something a little different.  We have researched several different items that might help out some of…

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