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Do you like cheesecake?
Do you like martinis?
Then you will love this!
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Graham cracker
caramel sauce
caramel pieces for garnish if desired
Prepare your martini glass by rolling the edge of the glass in some honey that you have drizzled on a small plate. Now crush up a graham cracker, very fine…and roll the honey-coated glass around in the crumbs until the rim in nicely coated. Drizzle a teaspoon of caramel sauce down the inside of the glass and set the glass aside while you prepare the mix.
1 ounce vanilla vodka (I used Smirnoff)
1 ounce dutch caramel vodka (I used Vincent Van Gogh)
1 cup fat free half and half
1 teaspoon honey
Mix these ingredients together with some ice cubes in a shaker and strain into your prepared martini glass. Garnish with some caramel pieces you have skewered onto toothpicks if you desire.
Bone Appetit!

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Mario Laliberte
Mario Laliberte
9 years ago

I need to try this next week end, will send hubby to the liquor store,sounds so rich and yummy!!!,

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